from Hong Kong, currently based in Germany.

Mise-en-ScèneBA Thesis

My bachelor thesis starts with a research question: Can performative quality be found in daily unconscious movements? To investigate this seemingly controversial topic, theoretical research has been conducted in the field of performance art and performance studies. Materials are collected in both Hong Kong and Cologne to study and analyse daily movements as well as the non-space in urban cities, which are later processed to performative actions. The whole process is documented and presented through a publication, a set of posters and an exhibition at KISD Parcours 2019.

Booklet A:
Current Status of Performance art &
Introduction of Performance Studies

Dimension: (w)11 cm (h)19 cm No. of Pages: 57

Booklet B:
On-site Observations & Analyses

Dimension: (w)13 cm (h)19 cm No. of Pages: 124

Booklet C:
Processings of the analysed data

Dimension: (w)14.5 cm (h)24 cm No. of Pages: 55
(w)42 (h)59.4 cm

digital prints with silkscreen printing
Exhibition at
KISD Parcous 2019