a graphic designer, photographer and videographer from Hong Kong, based in Germany.

Mise-en-ScèneBA Thesis

My Bachelor Thesis, comprising three booklets,  starts with a research question: Can performative quality be found in daily unconscious movements? This question may seem to violate the underlying assumption of performance in which all the performing actions should be produced consciously. However, through placing this question in the context of performance art and introducing performance studies as the tool, this thesis aims to reveal the hidden performative quality in one of the daily unconscious movements - movements made while waiting. Using three various means to analyse the collected materials from both Hong Kong and Cologne, unconscious moves have become tangible and usable data which are later processed and become performative actions. For the sake of clarity, three processing approaches are presented in the form of mathematic equations.

Booklet A:
Current Status of Performance art &
Introduction of Performance Studies

Dimension: (w)11 cm (h)19 cm No. of Pages: 57

Booklet B:
On-site Observations & Analyses

Dimension: (w)13 cm (h)19 cm No. of Pages: 124

Booklet C:
Processings of the analysed data

Dimension: (w)14.5 cm (h)24 cm No. of Pages: 55